More Projects

A (bigger) list of the projects I think are worth mentioning. This isn't updated often.

A program for automatically re-ordering items named similarly. Geared towards creatives.
A lightweight program that does not run in the background, and removes the necessity of running Razer Synapse to show your custom profiles.
Combo Generator
A web tool to generate strings of combos for animators to animate. Useful when you can't think of anything else to animate. Originally created for Stickpage's and Hyun's Dojo's animators.
A flash (ported to Desktop) beat-'em-up sidescroller game about a stick figure's quest to steal an impressively powerful glove. Includes many combos and strategies. Frontpaged on Newgrounds.
Custom Native Tile
A small program to allow setting custom images for Windows 10 tiles. Doesn't require any other program to work, doesn't require any installations.
Diamond Dodge [Video] [Download]
A demo VR game to showcase common VR practices and my skills as a VR developer.
Entropy [Alpha Footage]
Built in Unity3D, Entropy is an intricately designed first person shooter.
Firefox Dark New Tab
A simple application for facilitating the installation of a dark new tab theme for Firefox.
Frequency Switcher
A handy program that can switch the refresh rate or resolution of any monitor(s). Accepts command line arguments.
Hopper [Android]
An iOS and Android app where you control animals and dodge flowers to a bright soundtrack.
Idle Ball Shooter [Android]
An Android app where you shoot blocks infinitely to stave off boredom.
Mouse Dodger
A simple but high quality mouse dodger. Dodge the evil red blocks with your mouse!
A completely redundant Pokedex built with Electron.
A program built to make military-grade encryption as simple as a drag and drop of the file you want to encrypt onto the program.
A short fangame based upon the perceived events of the first child in the UNDERTALE story.
A program that allows you to search with whatever browser and search engine you want from Cortana seamlessly.
Spin Ninja [Android]
A mobile game built to be hard and frustrating, but ultimately rewarding when you master gameplay.
A short desktop twin stick shooter built for a game jam.
A program used for Starbound player and inventory item modifications. Updated and fixed to work with the latest version of the game. Coded in Python.
Start Menu Lock
This program will lock and unlock your start menu layout so you can't accidentally modify it in any way. Lightweight, and does not run in the background.
Stay in the Circle [Android]
A hyper-casual game where you attempt to keep a ball inside of a circle. Think single-player pong.
Undertale Save Editor
A web tool that helps you modify your UNDERTALE save file to get you anywhere in the game with anything.
A service that will complete your Membean for you. How? Magic.
Wall Ball [Android]
A hyper-casual zen-like experience with uninterrupted gameplay, beautiful colors, and slick animations.
A program that gives you the ability to easily download YouTube videos as .mp3s with clipboard detection, automatic album art searching, and in-app meta tag editing.