Random Quote Generation API

I was looking around for a quote API that simply served a lot of normal random quotes and I couldn’t find one that satisfied me for free.


Simple documentation: https://gen.software/quote/doc

Here’s a new random quote generator API that serves a random quote from 500k+ famous/known and some unknown ones as well in JSON format built in Node.js. The quote selected is from an ever growing database started with this dataset here and a few other compiled sources.

If you want to submit a suggestion for a quote to add, you can visit this url here: https://gen.software/quote/submit

No guarantees of any kind are made about this project, it could disappear in the future, go down temporarily, or change without notice – but for now everyone who sees this is free to use it!

Don’t be a jerk, I’m using this for a personal project too so if people start DDoSing, spamming, or misusing this in any way I will be forced to implement API keys or lock it off entirely (more likely).


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Published 2022-02-05 13:24:00

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