The worst possible time to build a computer…

…is hopefully almost over. The past few years have seen GPU prices skyrocket, and most GPUs are unobtainable even today because of a chip shortage.

This has led to it being a hostile environment to build a desktop computer in and pushes newcomers away from the PC building scene.

In fact, it’s actually made the age old advice of building your own computer over buying a prebuilt almost obsolete, as many prebuilt PC prices are now as competitive if not a better option for those looking to acquire new hardware.

More than ever, it makes sense to choose a laptop or similarly priced alternatives rather than a desktop PC.

However, we are now approaching next-gen architecture coming out of 2022 very soon, and the prices should be more reasonable compared to this year. As cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies become more integrated into the overall public sphere, supply will adjust for prices. It can only get better from here. ?

Luckily other computer components weren’t as badly affected as GPUs and some parts can be bought for regular prices, although sometimes not.

If you are thinking of upgrading and you still have a decent rig from 2018 onwards, I would wait as long as possible, because we should see availability of computer parts at original prices start to become more widely available sooner rather than later. Early 2023 is probably a safe bet.

Extrapolating from the data, there may be one more surge before a reduction of price back to something ‘reasonable’

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Published 2021-12-21 17:07:36

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