Mass Discord Message Remover / Deleter Script – Remove Lots of Instant Messages

With this script, you can automate the removal of a massive quantity of discord messages (everything back to a channel’s origin, if wanted), including in personal channels. I used it personally to delete a conversation with over a year of messages. There were no problems after the proper modifications.

You will need Tampermonkey. This is an extension for your favorite browser that will allow you to run custom JavaScript.

Next, visit the delete discord messages repository. You will need to click the ‘userscript.js‘ file listed upon visiting the url. Copy everything (CTRL + A / CTRL + C) and install it. The script obviously does nothing malicious but you can also take this opportunity to verify for yourself.

To use, click the trash can icon in the channel or DM you want to delete and press “START”.

You can also add a ‘before message id’ or ‘after message id’ to control how much you delete.

The script will try to respect Discord’s limits as much as possible, backing off as necessary when Discord errors. I cannot promise you will not be banned for selfbotting or something, but I have used it many times and my account is fine. Just to be safe you shouldn’t be doing anything else on your account while the script is deleting (it will also slow down and cause problems anyway). AFAIK this doesn’t violate anything in terms of service but use at your own risk, as always.

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Published 2022-03-06 20:55:47

Easiest way to download YouTube videos and convert them to any format including .mp3 in 2022

Methods of downloading YouTube videos have changed over the years. Here are two of my preferred methods for doing so in 2022.

tl;dr: easy:

Use a Youtube-Mp3 converter site, if you know how to Google then you’ve probably found one of these already.

tl;dr: is asked to fix printers:

Get the latest ‘youtube-dl’ fork like yt-dlp. Use ffmpeg to convert.


Yeah there’s really nothing else you need here

The Other Method

  1. Get yt-dlp. Put it in a folder somewhere in C:\ like ‘youtubedownload’. Rename the .exe file to yt.exe.
  2. Get ffmpeg. Put it in the same folder. You could rename this .exe file if you want as well, the names will be the commands used in the future.
  3. Press the WINDOWS key, and type ‘path’.
  4. Choose ‘Enviroment Variables’
    enviroment variables pointer
  5. Then,
    edit path detailed pointer
  6. You can then add a new entry for the ‘path’ environment variable. The system uses this to allow the executing directory to be in any directory listed in the path. Meaning, when you run a command in CMD, the system will always check any directories in the ‘path’.
    add new path entry
  7. Click OK on all open windows after adding the directory the exes are in to the ‘path’.

Example Usage

We will be using this song from YouTube: Moving Romance – Yoann Garel. It’s also available on Soundcloud here.

Right click on your Desktop > ‘Open Command Window Here’. If you don’t have this option in the context menu, you can download these registry edits to add it.

Next type the name of the yt-dlp .exe followed by a space and the url. So if you renamed it ‘yt’ like stated previously, it would look like so:
Hitting enter will start downloading that video to the desktop directory you just launched the CMD window in. (Hint! If you want to use a Soundcloud URL like we have below, that will work too! Isn’t technology great?)
yt-dl download example

If you want to convert the resulting video to a proper audio file like .mp3, you have two options. First of all, you can use the quick solution right from yt-dl:

yt -x --audio-format mp3 [video_url]

Or, since ffmpeg is useful for other tasks (and you should have it anyway), you can use it directly. A simple syntax of an ffmpeg command that would convert to an mp3 would look like ffmpeg -i [input file name] [output file name].[output file extension]. But wait, we don’t want to type that long, ugly file name in that yt-dlp just spit out onto our desktop… luckily we have a trick for that.

Run ‘dir /x‘ in the open CMD window.dir /x example yt
This is an extremely helpful windows command that will show ‘short’ filenames for files, making working with longer file names a breeze. Windows is telling us in the screenshot above that we can refer to the video we just downloaded as ‘moving~3.web’. Now assuming no renaming of the ffmpeg .exe took place in the setup step, our command simply becomes:

ffmpeg -i moving~3.web output.mp3
ffmpeg -i output.mp3 example

And you’re done! You now have ‘output.mp3’ on your desktop saved as the song we were just playing on YouTube. I’ve combined this process with scripted metadata adding/titling for an offline library. And, with the right yt-dlp commands it can even become an efficient way to export entire playlists of music.

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Published 2022-03-06 02:23:43

Adding ‘Open command window here’ context menu in Windows 10 to the right click menu, restoring cmd

Simply download whichever option flavor you prefer and run it. You may need to restart explorer to see your changes. The files are zipped up .reg files.

Choose an option to download

You should always verify any files you download/run from strangers on the internet.

Since .reg files are basically .txt files containing paths of where to insert registry entries, you can easily open any of the downloaded files in a text editor and verify the contents are benign for yourself.

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Published 2022-03-06 01:44:52

Random Quote Generation API

I was looking around for a quote API that simply served a lot of normal random quotes and I couldn’t find one that satisfied me for free.

Simple documentation:

Here’s a new random quote generator API that serves a random quote from 500k+ famous/known and some unknown ones as well in JSON format built in Node.js. The quote selected is from an ever growing database started with this dataset here and a few other compiled sources.

If you want to submit a suggestion for a quote to add, you can visit this url here:

No guarantees of any kind are made about this project, it could disappear in the future, go down temporarily, or change without notice – but for now everyone who sees this is free to use it!

Don’t be a jerk, I’m using this for a personal project too so if people start DDoSing, spamming, or misusing this in any way I will be forced to implement API keys or lock it off entirely (more likely).


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Published 2022-02-05 13:24:00 – Starbound Player Save Editor (modding wiki)

Starcheat is a player save editor for Starbound that helps you have greater control over a character, mostly their inventory. You can add and modify built in items easily. Or, it’s possible to access the raw item JSON of each individual slot in a file, along with other internal used information and stats. This simplifies complex item modifications.

I spent a while fixing the character parsing and asset loading so it’s much faster than the previous versions, but you’ll have to test it yourself and see. I don’t believe any serious bugs exist with this release that could break your character, but you should always back up your storage/player folder before and when modding for safety.

This is my attempt at giving back to the community that has had a wonderful place in my heart since I joined it in 2014. Since it doesn’t seem like there are going to be many more Starbound updates, especially to the player file structure or changes of that nature, this version will probably be one of the last Starcheat versions needed. (modding wiki)

Happy modding!

Starcheat will never request funds for its use or development.

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Published 2021-10-30 17:53:43

Searchifier not working? Windows probably updated. Read this.

EDIT: As of 3/20/2022, Searchifier does not work anymore due to Microsoft blocking it. The post and download links will stay up for now, but they could be removed at any point. At some point in the future if a workaround is found this post will be updated.

Something changed between Windows 11 builds 22483 and 22494 (both Windows Insider Preview builds.) The build changelog makes a few mentions of changes to the protocol and file associations/default apps system. However, it omitted the headline news: You can no longer bypass Microsoft Edge [protocol links].

Searchifier works by handling the request send by your start menu to Edge and translating that to a link your other browser can handle. Windows 10’s latest update breaks this functionality by preventing automatically updating your default link handler at all.

You can fix it by doing this:

  1. Install Searchifier
  2. Go to Windows 10’s Settings
  3. Apps > Default Apps > Choose default apps by protocol (scroll down)
  4. Scroll to where it says “Microsoft-Edge”
  5. Click and change to Searchifier

It should work now!

Keywords not working, update, gmr, genevra, search, browser, link handling, bing redirect, broken

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Published 2021-04-26 04:48:42