Huge Text Update

So, the text in RuneTale has been in an odd state for a while now. Sometimes text looks blurry for no reason, but I chalked it up to Unity being weird with rendering text components. Increasing the size of the text and then scaling it down worked. Kinda. With TextMeshPro now becoming free, I decided to try it out to see if it would be right for my project. And whoo boy, am I glad I did. I replaced only the text that was having trouble and with some careful alignment the text problem went away.

*EDIT on April 2nd*: With some more careful testing, I’ve concluded that unfortunately, the default Unity text, with the same careful alignment that previous TextMeshPro text was submitted to, the Unity text looks better. Perhaps it’s the settings I have on it for some reason, or I don’t know how to use TextMeshPro correctly, but in fullscreen mode the sharpness of the default Unity text can be seen clearly. TextMeshPro’s text is still slightly blurry. Hopefully they fix this before integration into Unity in future versions.


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Published 2017-03-31 23:28:56

Object State Updates

Not much done graphically on RuneTale the past few days. Mostly behind the scenes code changes and additions. Also, added a pretty cool way to save object states.

I have a SaveGame() event that fires whenever the game is saved. In each object you can interact with that is able to be saved, I have an object identifier and a key. When the delegate fires, all the objects save their own states. Objects individually load their states from the save upon game re-launch.

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Published 2017-03-11 01:19:26

RuneTale Updates and Progress

So far the entire engine recreation has been going smoothly.

Refining performance and making sure the game runs the same as the Undertale engine is top-priority right now, as the only improvement I want the game to have is running at a smooth 60+ FPS. An easy task at the present, but I want to make sure that nothing in the future gets in the way of that.

Secondly, I’m currently figuring out exactly what enemies should exist back in the time of Chara and Asriel. Beyond froggits or standard Ruin enemies, how would they be different?

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Published 2017-03-05 09:00:46